How to Keep Your Sterling Silver Sparkly

How to Keep Your Sterling Silver Sparkly

Tips and tricks to keep your sterling silver pieces looking brand new!

So you've noticed that some of your favourite sterling silver pieces have yellowed in colour, or worse, have completely blackened.  Don't fret!  There are many reasons why your silver jewellery may be turning colours, or in some very rare cases, turning YOU colours, so below are some tips to keeping your jewellery sparkly like new!


  • Oddly enough, the more you wear your jewellery, the less you have to clean it!  So keep that jewellery on as much as possible.
  • When you're NOT wearing your jewellery, keep it in a small airtight plastic bag (like a Ziploc) to stop the air and moisture from getting at it.  Hanging your jewellery or keeping it open in a jewellery box may seem like a great idea, but the more the air gets at it, the blacker it will get.
  • When putting on lotions or perfumes put it on first and let it dry before you put your jewellery on.  These things can react to the metal and make it tarnish faster.
  • A simple polishing cloth can go a long way in bringing back the shine in your pieces.  We have them in the store and use them daily, they may look horrific after the amount we use them, but they still clean jewellery better than anything!
  • If you currently use a dip cleaner on your jewellery, make sure that after using the dip, you swish your jewellery around in a baking soda/water solution to neutralize any leftover cleaner and then rinse it well with water.  Any remaining dip-cleaner can actually tarnish your jewellery faster, and require you to clean it more often!
  • The best cleaner we can suggest is what we use (and stock) here at Hi Ho Silver, Hagerty's Silver Foam.  It's easy to use and is about as irritating to the skin as dish soap.  In our experience it cleans even the darkest of silver (and your bronze and copper pieces too!)


Stay sparkly!


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